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Short Loans


The short loan collection consists of books and photocopied articles designated as essential reading in connection with courses taught at the Institute. It exists to give fair access to all Courtauld students needing to use material which is in great demand.

Up to two books are available per reader for use in the library or for overnight or weekend loan.

The short loan collection is not available to external readers.

Retrieving Short Loans

The online catalogue will show whether an item is held on short loan by displaying ‘SHORT LOAN COLL’ next to the class number.

Short loan items are located behind the Issue Desk and are issued on presentation of the class number/s and your library card to the librarian on duty.

Loan Periods

10.00am – 1.00pm  
1.00pm – 4.00pm  

4.00pm – 7.00pm

Readers still present in the library who wish to continue reading material already issued to them, may continue to do so during the reading room only hours of 7-9pm.

Books should be returned to the Issue Desk before leaving the library.

4.00pm – 10am (overnight)

Most short loan books may be loaned overnight, if issued after 4.00pm, and weekend loans are also permitted after 4.00pm on Fridays.

Reference only items cannot be borrowed overnight.

No short loan books can be issued after 6.50pm.


To ensure that short loan books are returned in time for the next user, the following penalties apply for their late return:

Up to 30 minutes late No borrowing of any books for the remainder of the day and the next 24 hours
Over 30 minutes late No borrowing of any books for 7 days

If a student is blocked from borrowing because of a late return of a standard loan book, they may still borrow from the short loan collection during the day slots, but no overnight or weekend loans will be permitted.

Reserving Short Loans

  • Short loan books may be reserved via the online catalogue, using your library barcode number and PIN
  • You may reserve a short loan book upon application at the Issue Desk, and presentation of your library card
  • You cannot reserve consecutive slots on one item (this includes reserving the 4pm slot and the 10am slot for the following day)
  • Reserved books can only be held for 30 minutes after the beginning of the loan period for which the request was made. Please only reserve books for slots when you will be able to collect them.


All photocopies held in the short loan collection conform to copyright legislation and are covered by the Copyright Licencing Authority (CLA) currently granted to the Institute.


Short Loan Librarian

Tel +44 (0)20 3947 7578


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