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Journal Catalogues

There are a number of different ways to check whether the Library holds the journals that you are looking for:

Computer catalogue

Journals available in the Book Library can be found in Library’s computer catalogue. Search under the Browse option, selecting Title from the drop down menu.

Card catalogue

Pre-1992 journals are also listed by title in the main author sequence of the card catalogue.

Finding list

A finding list of all journals in the Library’s collection is kept at the Issue Desk and in the Periodicals Hall.  This also serves as a guide to the order in which journals are shelved in the Periodicals Hall.

Locating Journals

Journals are located in the Periodicals Hall and are shelved alphabetically by title.

N.B. Titles that begin with Bulletin or Journal will usually be filed under the next word in the title, e.g. Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art or Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (exceptions include Bollettino d’Arte and Bulletin Monumental).

Oversize Journals

These are also located in the Periodicals Hall, beginning at the end of the main sequence and carrying on at the back of the Periodicals Hall, before the Sales Catalogues.

Journals are not normally loaned except on an in-house loan, see Guidelines for use.

Current Journals

A small selection of current journal titles are displayed by the entrance to the Catalogue Hall.

Photocopying, Scanning, Printing

There are three self-service machines in the Book Library and one each in the Witt and Conway Libraries. These machines can be used to photocopy, scan or print, either in colour or black and white. They are operated from a swipe card, either your id card if you are a member of staff or a student at The Courtauld Institute of Art, or a card purchased from the Book Library Issue Desk (£1). Monochrome copies cost 5p for A4 and 10p for A3. Colour copies cost 20p for A4 and 40p for A3.

Certain runs of older journals may not be photocopied due to their fragile nature, e.g. Art Journal (1849-1899), The Magazine of Art (1878-1904), volumes of The Studio, and Gazette des Beaux-Arts. If in doubt, please ask the Librarian on duty.

External Catalogues


Suncat cross-searches the journal holdings of 91 academic, research and specialist libraries across the UK, including the Tate Library, The National Art Library and the British Library.


University of London — Union List of Serials

Enables you to search the periodical holdings of the constituent libraries of the University of London and the University of Westminster.

Online Journals

There is a list providing links to electronic journals to which the Courtauld Book Library currently subscribes on the Library’s web pages, see Online journals, in addition many online bibliographies and journal aggregator databases are available via the Online Resources page.

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