V-A-C Foundation: The Olga Lopukhova Scholarship

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Financial Support for Postgraduates

V-A-C Foundation: The Olga Lopukhova Scholarship

V-A-C Foundation: The Olga Lopukhova Scholarship

The 2018/9 Olga Lopukhova Scholarship has not yet been confirmed – please check this page at a later date to confirm that the award is running for the 2018/9 academic year.


Thanks to the generosity of V-A-C Foundation – the Art of being Contemporary – we are pleased to announce The Olga Lopukhova Scholarship.

The scholarship offers full funding of fees and a contribution towards estimated living and maintenance costs to eligible postgraduate students for the coming academic year.


  • Applicants must have been awarded a place in the MA in the History of Art, MA in Curating the Art Museum, PhD, or Graduate Diploma course at The Courtauld.
  • Applicants must be Russian-born, residing in Russia or active in Russia.
  • Applicants must pursue a degree in an area focusing on Russian contemporary art.
  • Applicants should have a vision of their contribution to the future development of the art sector in Russia.

Duties of scholars

  • Scholars should be prepared to send a report to V-A-C Foundation at the start of and upon completion of the academic year.
  • Scholars should forward copies of any formal reports of their studies, or publications resulting from their work to V-A-C Foundation.
  • Scholars are expected to attend the annual scholarship reception at The Courtauld.

Application Form

2018/9 applications TBC


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