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The Courtauld Institute of Art is delighted to announce Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funding as partners of the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE).

The consortium consists of The Courtauld Institute of Art, Goldsmiths, Birkbeck, and SOAS, University of London, and the Universities of East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex, and was formed to promote excellence in research, postgraduate research training and knowledge exchange in the Arts and Humanities.

The consortium aims to:

  • Support world-class researchers in the understanding of human culture and creativity
  • Engage with employers and develop partnerships to encourage creativity and innovation and to secure funding
  • Raise the national and international profile of the universities

CHASE AHRC studentships are open to UK and EU students who meet the residency requirements set out in the RCUK Terms and Conditions for Training Grants and wish to be funded from September 2019.

A full scholarship is offered to those meeting UK residency criteria. EU nationals resident in the EU/EEA are eligible for a fees-only studentship. Overseas students are not normally eligible for AHRC funding. Rates may be subject to change.

New applicants should normally have, or be studying for a Master’s degree. Please note that if successful you may be required to produce evidence of your qualifications at registration.

Applicants who are already studying for a doctoral degree may apply provided that they will be studying for at least one more year full-time or 20 months part-time (excluding the writing up period). A student who has started their doctoral studies on a part-time basis are eligible to convert to full-time status upon receipt of an award.

Please note that some dates relating to the CHASE application process have yet to be determined. Please check back periodically for updates to the these dates.

You cannot apply for CHASE AHRC funding until your application to the PhD programme at The Courtauld has been considered via the standard Courtauld application process. If your application satisfies our internal selection process, you will be invited to complete a CHASE AHRC application and provided with further instructions and an access code to the application form.

You should discuss the possibility of being put forward for a CHASE AHRC award with your supervisor.

If your application is successfully selected to be put forward to CHASE by our internal selection process you will be asked to complete the CHASE AHRC application by late February 2019 – exact date TBC.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Current PhD Students

You should first discuss the prospect of applying for CHASE with your supervisor. With their approval, contact the Admissions team at with your interest in making a CHASE application.

You’ll then be invited to write your CHASE proposal directly on the CHASE portal – we’ll provide a link and password so you can get started straight away. You have until 25 January 2019 to complete a draft proposal on the CHASE portal so that it’ll be accessible to those involved in our internal selection process.

Key dates

Pre-January 2019 – Complete your pre-application as per the How to Apply the page.

11 January 2019 – Final deadline for Courtauld Research degree applications, in line with all other CHASE institutions. Applicants are strongly encouraged to start their application in advance of this deadline, and to have discussed the possibility of being put forward for a CHASE award with their supervisor.

25 January 2019 – Deadline for current PhDs to complete a draft proposal on the CHASE application portal.

31 January 2019 – Applicants who have been accepted onto the programme and selected for CHASE will be informed shortly after this date, and will then be invited to fill in the online form for their CHASE application.

TBC February 2019 – The deadline for the application, including references and supervisors statement, to be submitted to the Head of the Research Degrees Committee.

TBC April 2019 – The date that applicants put forward to CHASE will be informed of the outcome of their application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to be considered for an internal Courtauld scholarship, you must make a separate application. If you are successful in securing a CHASE AHRC award, you will not be eligible for an internal scholarship.

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