A boat lies in a river. i Alfred Sisley, Boats on the Seine, 1875-79, The Courtauld, London (Samuel Courtauld Trust) © The Courtauld

Spring Courses online

Variations on a Theme:
Modernism in Art and Music

Dr Charlotte de Mille and Benedict Collins Rice

5 pre-recorded lectures and 3 live Zoom seminars on Tuesday 11, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 April 2023

An art historian and a musician join forces to shed light on the nature, complexities and challenges of ‘Modernism’ by exploring shared themes of ‘revolution’, subjectivity, abstraction, spontaneity and chance. The course features contributions from The Facade Ensemble – a group founded to perform the repertoire of musical modernism.

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An abstract woodcut in bright colours i Wassily Kandinsky, Klänge S. 29, c.1912, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, Munich

Making Sense of Key
Concepts of Western Art:

‘Nature’, ‘Life’ and Lifelikeness

Dr Thomas Balfe

5 pre-recorded lectures and 5 live Zoom seminars from Monday 17 to Friday 21 April 2023, with an optional visit on Saturday 22 April 2023
£195 or £245 with visit

The concept of ‘truth to nature’ lies at the heart of our understanding of Western art from the Renaissance to the late eighteenth century and beyond. Our course illuminates this important principle and its implications for the education of artists, for art making and for the depiction and understanding of the material world more widely.

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A bouquet of flowers half hidden behind a curtain. i Adriaen van der Spelt and Frans van Mieris, Trompe-l’Oeil Still Life with a Flower Garland and a Curtain, 1658, oil on panel, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago