Two men sit at a table while playing cards. One of them smokes a pipe.

Autumn Courses on campus

Making Sense of The ‘Classical’ in Art

Dr Katherine Dunleavy

Tuesday 12 – Friday 15 September 2023

An authoritative, yet also slippery concept, the ‘classical’ has had a major impact on the development of Western art and art history. This course investigates canonical examples of the visual arts of classical antiquity, alongside a much wider range of art works produced in antiquity across the Mediterranean. It engages critically with the uses and misuses of both the relics of antiquity and the concept of the ‘classical’ from the Renaissance to the twentieth century.

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A sculpture of a woman whose head is turned to the right. In the background is a sculpture of a man clutching his stomach. i Grave relief, 4th century, detail, marble, National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Athens. Image: Wikimedia Commons, George E Koronaios

Making Sense of
Christian Iconography

Dr Federico Botana

Tuesday 12 – Friday 15 September 2023

Christian themes dominated much of Western art up to the eighteenth century and beyond. This course introduces you to these themes and their historical contexts, and teaches you to recognise and understand the ways in which they were represented in the early Christian, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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The Virgin, hands clasped in prayer, tramples a serpent with an apple in its mouth. She is surrounded by clouds and angels. i Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Immaculate Conception, 1767, oil on canvas, The Courtauld, London (Samuel Courtauld Trust) © The Courtauld

Variations on a Theme: The Renaissance in Art and Music

Matteo Chirumbolo and Tamsin Lewis

Tuesday 12 – Thursday 14 September 2023

An art historian and a musician explore shared themes, formal strategies and contexts of patronage and reception for these ‘sister arts’ during the Renaissance. The course examines a wide range of visual and aural materials and includes collections visits and live music performances.

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A marble relief showing a group of boys playing musical instruments. i Luca della Robbia, Boys Playing Music, c.1438, marble, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence. Image: Wikimedia Commons