2014-15: Conservation and Art Historical Analysis

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Painting Pairs: Art History and Technical Study

2014-15: Conservation and Art Historical Analysis


‘Portrait of a Lady’ or ‘Portrait of Dona Joaquina Candado’

Follower of Francisco de Goya

Emma Jansson and Amelia Brown

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Holy Family

The Holy Family

Bartolomeo Montagna

Jae Youn Chung and Alexander Röstel

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Portrait of Francis Beaumont, c. 1610-25

Anglo- Netherlandish Artist

Lucia Bay and Irene Jacobs

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Venetian ConventVisitors to a Venetian Convent during Carnival

By an unknown 18th-century artist

Lucy Odlin and Elizabeth Metcalfe

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cia_cia_p_1978_pg_200_slide1_150x150_acf_croppedPortrait of an Unknown Man

Roman School

Margaret Barkovic and Margaret Sheehan

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