2011-12: Conservation and Art Historical Analysis

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The Sackler Research Forum

Conservation and Art Historical Analysis

Researching The Courtauld Collections, 2011-12


Painting Pairs: Art History and Technical Study

2011-12: Conservation and Art Historical Analysis

For this year’s Courtauld Collections project, two Research Associates studying art history – Stephanie Lenk and Francesca Whitlum-Cooper – were each paired with two further Research Associates from the Conservation & Technology Department (easels) – Alysia Sawicka and Cleo Nisse respectively – to research two paintings from The Courtauld Gallery which are undergoing conservation. This resulted in a cross-disciplinary approach to the study of the paintings. The Research Associates presented the results of their research at workshops on 5 March and 11 June 2011.


Studio of Thomas Gainsborough (1727 - 88), Copy after a self-portrait by Thomas Gainsborough, late 18th century. Oil on canvas. Samuel Courtauld Trust: Courtauld Gift, 1932 (P.1932.SC.100) © Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, LondonCopy after a self-portrait by Thomas Gainsborough

Studio of Thomas Gainsborough (1727 – 88)

Stephanie Lenk and Alysia Sawicka

 Download report on copy of self-Portrait after Gainsborough [4.5 MB]


Trees by a Lake, Le Parc de Carrières-St-DenisTrees by a lake, le Parc de Carrieres-St-Denis

André Derain

Francesca Whitlum-Cooper and Cleo Nisse

 Download report on Trees by a Lake by André Derain [1.5 MB]


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