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Dr Scott Nethersole

Senior Lecturer in Italian Renaissance Art, 1400-1500

Scott Nethersole is currently looking for a new research project, after many years studying the relationship between art and violence in Florentine art of the fifteenth century. 

Until recently, Scott’s research has focused on fifteenth-century Florence, although his teaching embraces much more of central Italy, especially Siena and Perugia. His book Art and Violence in Early Renaissance Florence  appeared with Yale University Press in June 2018, followed by Art of Renaissance Florence: A City and its Legacy in January 2019. He is also interested in the reception of Renaissance art, especially in the seventeenth century, by artists such as Sassoferrato and Carlo Dolci.

Teaching 2018-19

  • BA1: Taking Shape: Italian Renaissance Altarpieces in London Collections
  • BA1: Convenor of the Foundations Lecture Course

PhD Supervision


  • Matteo Chirumbolo, Reframing the Patronage of Girolamo Basso and Domenico della Rovere between Rome, Loreto and Turin
  • Giulio Dalvit, ‘Rethinking Lorenzo di Pietro, known as Vecchietta’
  • Peter Crack (co-supervised with Susanna Avery-Quash), ‘Justifying the ‘Italian Primitives’: Public Acquisitions in Twentieth-Century Britain’
  • Emily Markham, Controlling Space, Image and Memory: A Study of Political Exile in Bologna and Florence (1445 to 1515)
  • Bryony Bartlett-Rawlings (co-supervised with Guido Rebecchini), ‘Nicoletto da Modena and the Centres of Early Italian Print Production, 1490-1530’
  • Alexander Noelle, ‘The Myth and Manipulation of Giuliano de’ Medici’
  • Alexander Rostel, ‘Art and Devotion under Savonarola, 1494-1498’
  • Eowyn Kerr-Di Carlo (co-supervised with Joanna Cannon), ‘Lorenzo Monaco and the Missal of Cardinal Acciaiuoli: Patronage, Production and the Painter-illuminators of Early Renaissance Florence’

Recently completed

  • (2015) Mary Camp (co-supervised with Prof. Paul Hills), ‘”Superare la natura”: The Portraits of Jacopo Pontormo’
  • (2017) Joost Joustra, ‘Pictorial Space and Sacred Subject Matter in Florentine Painting 1425-1466’
  • (2017) Laura Llewellyn, ‘Art, Community and Religious Women in the Oltrarno, Florene: The Early Visual Culture of the Convents of Santa Monaca, Santa Chiara and the Annalena’

Research interests

  • Central Italian, especially Florentine, Art of the Fifteenth Century
  • Violence in Art
  • Perceptions of Africa in southern European Art
  • Ghiberti

Recent publications


Essays and articles 

  • ‘Botticelli, Lucretia, and the Visualization of Violence’ in N. Silver (ed.), Botticelli: Heroines and Heroes, exh. cat. Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 2019, pp. 56-77
  • ‘Traditionelle Rivalen? Künstlerische Dialog zwischen Florenz und Siena im zweiten Viertel des 15. Jahrhunderts’ in A. Schumacher (ed.), Florenz und seine Maler: von Giotto bis Leonardo da Vinci, exh. cat. Munich, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Alte Pinakothek, 2018, pp. 115-123
  • Armeggerie, wedding chests and battles in fifteenth-century Florence’, Renaissance Studies, 32:2, April 2018, pp. 282-304
  • ‘Introduction: Ghiberti and the Courtauld’, Sculpture Journal, 26:1, 2017, pp. 93-98
  • ‘The First Murder: The Representation of Cain and Abel in Bologna, Florence and Bergamo’ in T. Dean and K. J. P. Lowe (eds.), Murder in Renaissance Italy, Cambridge, 2017, 15-40
  • ‘Carlo Dolci and the Art of the Past’ in E. Straussman-Pflanzer (ed.), Carlo Dolci: The Medici’s Painter and 17th-Century Florence, New Haven and London, 2017, pp. 42-53
  • ‘“ Parve cosa miracolosa”: Giusto Giusti d’ Anghiari and Leonardo da Vinci’ in J. Harris, S. Nethersole and P. Rumberg (eds.), ‘Una insalata di più erbe’: A Festschrift for Patricia Lee Rubin, London, 2011, pp. 73-82
  • ‘Drunkenness, War and Sovereignty: Three stucco panels from the Palazzo Scala in Florence’, Art History, 34: 3, June 2011, pp. 466-485
  • (with Helen Howard), ‘Two Copies of Perugino’s Baptism of Christ’, The National Gallery Technical Bulletin, 31, 2010, pp. 78-95
  • (with Helen Howard), ‘Perugino, Sassoferrato and a “beautiful little work” in the National Gallery, London’, The Burlington Magazine, CLII: 1286, June 2010, pp. 376-384
  • ‘The Power of Beautiful Nudity in Donatello’s Bronze David’, Immediations 1:2, 2005, pp. 6-24

Reviews and catalogue entries

  • Review of exhibition: Bagliori dorati: Il Gotico Internazionale a Firenze, 1375-1440, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, 2012, Renaissance Studies
  • Review of exhibition: La Sainte Anne l’ultime chef-d’œuvre de Léonard de Vinci, Musée du Louvre, Paris 2012, The Burlington Magazine, CLIV, July 2012, pp. 512-514
  • Entries on Leonardo’s anatomical and proportional drawings, as well as his Saint Jerome, in L. Syson (ed.), Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan, exh. cat. National Gallery, London, 2011.
  • ‘Florence domestic paintings, Florence’, Review of exhibition: Virtù d’amore: Pittura nuziale nel quattrocento fiorentino, Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence, 2010, The Burlington Magazine, CLII, September 2010, pp. 637-639
  • Online catalogue entries for Italian paintings included in Close Examination: Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries, exh. cat. National Gallery, 2010
  • Review of exhibition: Botticelli, Städel Museum, Frankfurt, 2009-10, The Burlington Magazine, CLII: 1283, February 2010, pp. 126-8.
  • ‘After Michelangelo: Leda and the Swan’, catalogue entry in Botticelli to Titian: Two Centuries of Italian Masterpieces, exh. cat., Szepmuveszeti Muzeum, Budapest, 2009
  • Review of book: David Summers, Vision, Reflection & Desire in Western Painting, The Burlington Magazine, CLI: 1281, December 2009, p. 840.
  • Review of book: Jonathan Conlin, Civilisation, The Burlington Magazine CLI:1278, September 2009, pp. 627-28.

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