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Research Fellow

Ragnhild M. Bø’s research interests center on the role of religious images of all media in late medieval and early modern devotional practices, in particular as related to indulgences, emotions, and the cult of saints. She also pursues an interest in the properties and meanings of materials and in artists’ partaking in religious reading. Current projects include a forthcoming monograph on art and materiality, Magic and Loss: Alabaster, Wax and Tears in Late Medieval Art, and her post-doctoral project entitled “Image, Imitation, Indulgence: Netherlandish Altarpieces and Devotional Practices in Denmark-Norway 1400-1600”, funded by the FRIPRO Mobility Grant Programme – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions’ COFUND (ERC) and The Norwegian Research Council.

Recent Publications

Bø, Ragnhild M. (2019). Looking at the Ladies: An Intervisual Approach to the Portraits of Jeanne de France, the Virgin, and St. Anne in the Lamoignon Hours (ca. 1415). In Lena Liepe (ed.),  The Locus of Meaning in Medieval Art: Iconography, Iconology, and Interpreting the Visual Imagery of the Middle Ages.  Walter de Gruyter.  ISBN 9781580443432.  Kapittel 7.  s 194–211

Bø, Ragnhild M. (2018). Material and Immaterial Presence: Engagements with Saints before and after the Reformation in Denmark-Norway. Mirator.  ISSN 1457-2362.  19(1), s 84–107 . doi: https://journal.fi/mirator/issue/view/4903

Bø, Ragnhild M. (2017). Material matter, subject matter: Pere Johan’s alabaster retable in La Seo, Zaragoza (1435?1445).Konsthistorisk Tidskrift.  ISSN 0023-3609.  86(3), s 236- 250 . doi: 10.1080/00233609.2017.1347200

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