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Jessica Eisenthal

PhD student

Thesis: Medium and Mediation: A History of Video Art in Israel

Supervised by Prof. Sarah Wilson

My thesis examines the history of video art in Israel, starting with the first generation to experiment with video in the 1970s, before focusing on the period since 1995. My study is the first to look broadly at the evolution of the medium in Israel from its emergence. I trace the trajectory of video art alongside political and cultural shifts within Israel in order to analyse the dominant artistic strategies, which operate as both symptoms of and opposition to the State of Israel. Anchored historically by a landscape of events that together, mark changes in the character of Zionism as well as the cultural function of images to respond to and correspond to social and political realities in Israel.


  • M.A., Columbia University
  • B.A., Skidmore College


  • Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, New York: Teaching Assistant, Philosophy in Art and Architecture Seminar, 2008- 2009

Research interests

  • Photography
  • History of Video and Film
  • Media and Moving Image Theory
  • Artist-Run Exhibition Spaces
  • Methodologies in Contemporary Art History and Criticism

Recent publications

  • “White Out” in Keren Benbenisty: A Map Without a Territory. Montreal: Sternthal Books, forthcoming 2016
  • “Christian Jankowski,” The Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv,, March-April 2014

Other academic activity

  • Member, Editorial Board of immediations, Journal of Postgraduate Research of the Courtauld Institute (2014)
  • Member, Tang Museum Visual Arts Network Advisory Board
  • Recipient, ARTIS research grant

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