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Digitising Our Photographic Collections

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Digitising our photographic collections


Digitising our photographic collections

A key aim of Courtauld Connects is to ensure that our photographic collections are available to everyone.

3.3m prints and negatives will be digitised as part of the development of The Courtauld’s digital resources. 

The Witt Library

Thanks to generous philanthropy, over 250,000 images from the Witt Library British School have already been digitised. These images will be available online from September 2017.

The Conway Library and other collections

Work has also started to digitise the Conway Library collection. This project will be undertaken through a major volunteer programme. It includes the AP Kersting and Laib collections.

It is anticipated that both the Witt and Conway collections will be digitised and available online by the end of 2020.

Digital Media blog

For information, news and updates on the Witt and Conway digitisation projects visit our Digital Media blog.

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