Research Associates are Courtauld postgraduate students appointed to specific collection-based projects in the Courtauld libraries, archive and Gallery. Research Associates are appointed in December for a year. Up to ten Associates are appointed to each project, to form a team investigating a topic or theme chosen to explore and to interpret the collection. They work under the supervision of collection curators and / or academic staff members. The Research Associates present the result of their investigation at two workshop sessions.


Research Forum Research Associates 2014-15

For the Conservation and Art Historical Analysis project the Research Associates work in pairs combining an art history student with one studying easels painting conservation. The pairs are as follows:

  • Amelia Brown (MA, Revolutions, Translations, Imitations: The High Renaissance in Rome and its Legacy, supervisor Dr Guido Rebecchini) paired with Emma Jansson (Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation of Easel Paintings)
  • Alexander Rostel (PhD, Art and Devotion under Savonarola, 1494-1498, supervisor Dr Scott Nethersole) paired with Jae Youn Chung (Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation of Easel Paintings)
  • Margaret Sheehan (MA, Making and Meaning in the Art of the Middle Ages, supervisor Professor John Lowden) paired with Maggie Barkovic (Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation of Easel Paintings)
  • Irene Jacobs (MA, Byzantium and its Rivals: Art, Display and Cultural Identity in the Christian and Islamic Mediterranean, supervisor Dr Antony Eastmond) paired with Lucia Bay (Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation of Easel Paintings)
  • Elizabeth Metcalfe (MA, Made in Britain: Forging a Visual Art for a Nation at War, 1793-1815, supervisor Professor David Solkin)  paired with Lucy Odlin (Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation of Easel Paintings),