Research Associates are Courtauld postgraduate students appointed to specific collection-based projects in the Courtauld libraries, archive and Gallery. Research Associates are appointed in December for a year. Up to ten Associates are appointed to each project, to form a team investigating a topic or theme chosen to explore and to interpret the collection. They work under the supervision of collection curators and / or academic staff members. The Research Associates present the result of their investigation at two workshop sessions.


MA History of Art
Ariel Fein
Emily Shartrand
Soo-Young Leam

PhD History of Art
Eva Bezverkhny
Anna Koopstra

Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings
Olympia Diamond
Claire Shepherd
Roxanne Sperber
Douglas McLennen
Chloe Head


Contributing to the continuing Courtauld Collections theme, the 2013 Research Associates Project is entitled Conservation and Art Historical Analysis: Works from The Courtauld Gallery. It comprises a collaborative investigation, from technical and art-historical standpoints, into paintings from the Courtauld Collection. The 2013 project is co-ordinated by Dr Aviva Burnstock (Head of Conservation), Dr Karen Serres (Schroder Foundation Curator of Paintings, The Courtauld Gallery) and Professor Caroline Arscott (Head of Research).