Pietro Bembo and the Visual Arts
Supervisor: Professor Patricia Rubin

Michelangelo and his Contemporaries: a Study of his Influence on the Art of Central Italy, 1540-1570
Supervisor: Professor Patricia Rubin

Donatello’s Polychromed Sculpture: Case Studies in Materials and Meaning
Supervisor: Professor Patricia Rubin

Mayumi IKEDA
Illuminating Gutenberg: the Fust Master and Decoration of Incunables and Manuscripts in Mainz and Palatine Heidelberg
Supervisor: Professor Susie Nash



Blackwood, Nicole
Without the Brush: the Curious Paintings of Ugo da Carpi and Cornelis Ketel
Supervisor: Professor Joseph Koerner



Hope, Melena
Painted Chapels and Oratories in the Households of Fifteenth-Century France
Supervisor: Dr Susie Nash

Nethersole, Scott
The Representation of Violence in Fifteenth-Century Florence
Supervisor: Professor Pat Rubin



Colby, Robert

The Paintings of Dosso Dossi : Studies in the Artistic Currents and Court Culture of Renaissance Ferrara
Supervisor: Professor Patricia Rubin




Brine, Douglas

Piety and Purgatory: Wall-mounted Memorials from the Southern Netherlands c. 1380-1520

Supervisor: Dr Susie Nash


De Michelis, Antonella

Mapping Farnese Rome: the Urban Planning Process and Projects under Pope Paul III 1534-1549

Supervisor: Dr Georgia Clarke


Pesenti, Allegra

The Use of Drawings in the Communication between Artists and Patrons in Italy during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Fletcher





Massorotto, Anna Paola

The Venetian civic and military governors in Padua during the sixteenth century: Raison d'Etat, Political Prestige and Public Promotion of the Arts

Supervisor: Jennifer Fletcher


Salomon, Xavier Francesco

The Religious Architectural and Artistic Patronage of Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini (1571-1621)

Supervisor: Dr Georgia Clarke


Dent, Peter

The Body of Christ in Fourteenth-Century Tuscan Sculpture

Supervisor: Professor Patricia Rubin