A to Z

ALONI YAARI Shir - 2011/2
Professor Caroline Arscott


ANDERSON Jocelyn - 2012/3

Country House Guide Books in the Late Eighteenth Century

Dr. Christine Stevenson


BABBAGE IORNS Deborah - 2012/3

Companionship and Collaboration: Rembrandt's Pendant Marriage Portraiture

Professor Joanna Woodall


BACKHOUSE Clare - 2012/3

Sartorial self-fashioning: Dress in portraits commissioned by women, 1558-1762

Professor Aileen Ribeiro



'Runaway Girls': Marks of Home (land) and Exile in the Practice of Women Artists since the 1980s

Professor Mignon Nixon


BRISBY Claire - 2012/3

The Samokov Archive: The perception of western art in icon-painters' practice 1800-1850 in Bulgaria

Professor Robin Cormack


BRISBY Claire - 2012/3

The Samokov Archive: The perception of western art in icon-painters' practice 1800-1850 in Bulgaria

Professor Robin Cormack


BROWN Meredith - 2011/2

A History of A.I.R Gallery: Feminism and the Art instituion (1970s, New York)

Professor Mignon Nixon


CARTER Michael - 2012/3

Cistercian art and architecture in England during the late middle ages

Professor David Park


CARUSO Martina - 2012/3


Professor Sarah Wilson


CHIEN Shang-Min - 2012/3

Distributed Aesthetics in the East Asian Net Creations

Professor Julian Stallabrass


DARELL Samantha - 2012/3

Mother of Pearl Carvings in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century

Professor Susie Nash


ELMER Samuel - 2011/2

Democratic Mordernisum: Promoting Modern Art in England c.1908-1934

Professor Christopher Green


FAULKNER Katherine - 2012/3

The Wrapped Body in the New Sculpture Movement (1880-1900)

Professor Caroline Arscott


GALIMBERTI Jacopo - 2012/3

Collective Art: Politics and Authorship in 1960's Western Continental Europe

Professor Sarah Wilson


GIVENS Ashley - 2011/2

From the Archetypal to Imtimate: Offical Representation of Napolean iii, 1850-1866

Professor John House


GOTTARDO Ketty - 2012/3

Print Culture in Rome in the Age of Barberini

Dr. Sheila McTighe


GRAY Emily - 2012/3

Early Printmaking in Florence: Origins, Forms and Function

Professor Patricia Rubin


HARTNELL Jack - 2013/4

Towards an Anatomical Art History. Medieval Objects in the Shared Space between Art and Medicine

Dr. Antony Eastmond


KEISER Alexandra - 2013/4

Alexander Archipenko and Cultural Exchange Between the Wars: From European Avant-Gardes to Avantgardism in the United States

Professor Shulamith Behr


KIRK Anna - 2012/3

The Female Doppelgänger in Victorian Art and Dress, c.1850-1899

Professor Aileen Ribeiro


KOPP Edouard - 2012/3

Sculpted Sanguines: Edme Bouchardon as a Draughtsman

Professor Katie Scott



Collecting Italian Drawings in Seventeenth Century Spain: The Marques del Carpio's Collection

Dr Sheila McTighe


MCDOUGALL Elizabeth - 2013/4

The Management of the Urban Property Portfolio of the Societa s. Salvatore, Rome 1500-1526

Dr. Georgia Clarke


MILK MAC FARLAND Joanna - 2012/3

From Doctors of the Church to Visionary Saints: Recasting Augustine and Jerome in Tuscan Paintings of the Fifteenth Century

Professor Patricia Rubin


NUTTALL Geoffrey - 2012/3

Lucchese Patronage, 1400 to 1430

Professor Patricia Rubin


OLIVER Lois - 2012/3

Between Fact and Fiction: Representations of the Artist in Nineteenth-Century France

Professor John House


PAYDAR Nikoo - 2011/2

Scheherazade and The Odalisque in Early Twentieth-Century Visual Culture: Leon Bakst, Henri Matisse and Paul Poiret

Professor Christopher Green


PAYNE Edward - 2012/3

Ribera's Saints: Representing Body and Soul

Dr. Sheila McTighe


PITTALUGA Michela - 2011/2

Collections and Social Status: Venetian Presence in Genoese Collections of the Golden Century (1523-1656/7)

Professor Paul Hills


RICHTER Mark - 2012/3

Coloured glazes on silver leaf of the Baroque and Rococo period in Southern Germany and Austria (c.1600-1780)

Professor Aviva Burnstock


ROSE Sam - 2013/4

Formalism, Aestheticism, and Art Writing in England, c.1918-1939

Dr. Gavin Parkinson


SHABANOV Andrey - 2012/3

Peredvizhniki, or the Wanderers: the social history of an artists' movement in later nineteenth-century Russia

Professor David Solkin


STARKOVA Maria - 2013/4

Engendering the New Soviet Child: The Representation of Children as Pioneer Citizens of the USSR in the 1920s and 1930s

Professor John Milner


TERRACCIANO Emilia - 2012/3

Modernist Musing in the shadow Swadeshi


THOMA Julia - 2012/3

The Final Spectacle: Military Painting under the Second Empire, 1855-1867

Professor John House (late) and Professor Satish Padiyar


TOMMASINI Alexandra - 2013/4

The 'Patient' City. The Works and Practices of Photographer Gabriele Basilico

Professor Shulamith Behr


TSAI Pei-Kuei - 2012/3

Making the Political Personal and the Personal Political : A multiple case study of August Sander, Andy Warhol, Trinh T. Minh-Ha and Chen Chieh-Jen

Professor Julian Stallabrass