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Caroline Villers Research Fellowship

The Courtauld, together with the Trustees of the Caroline Villers Research Fellowship, have established a Research Fellowship in memory of Caroline Villers.  The purpose of the Fellowship is to promote research in the interdisciplinary field of Technical Art History: the application of technical, scientific and/or historical methods, together with close observation, to the study of the physical nature of the work of art in relation to issues of making, change, conservation and/or display.

The Fellowship is advertised annually, in the spring, and interviews take place in early July. Research proposals for the Fellowship are welcomed from researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines relating to the study and conservation of works of art. The Fellowship is also open to applicants in permanent employment wishing to take leave of absence to work on a project. The maximum period of tenure is 9 months, but requests for shorter projects are also considered. The Fellow is based at The Courtauld Institute of Art although collaborations with other institutions are encouraged.

Caroline Villers was Director of the Department of Conservation and Technology at the Courtauld Institute of Art, 1999-2004.

“What mattered most to Caroline was the exploration of the ways in which works of art were made, the processes of artistic creation. What fascinated her was the notion of artistic intention made tangible in the physical reality of the work of art. In her lectures, she conjured up the unique, essential combination of hand and eye, intellect and circumstance, resulting in a seminal work of art.”

David Bomford,
List of fellowship trustees

David Bomford
Sir Robert Bruce-Gardner
Dr. Aviva Burnstock
Dr. Joanna Cannon
Dr. Hero Lotti
Maro McNab
Robert McNab
Dr. Susie Nash
Professor Patricia Rubin
Edwina Sassoon

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