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With a remarkable art collection which stretches from the early Renaissance to the 20th Century and an acclaimed programme of temporary exhibitions, The Courtauld Gallery is a stimulating and enriching learning environment.  Our innovative, wide-ranging programme of art history, cross-curricula and art practice activities for Schools and Colleges is underpinned by the principle: "All art was contemporary once." 

Complementing and extending Art and Design and Humanities curricula, the gallery learning programme develops students’ visual analytical skills and critical and contextual understanding increasing their confidence and enjoyment of looking and talking about art.  Workshops, talks and projects are available on a broad range of topics and content can be tailored to fit with your current study theme. 

Click, Connect, Construct: 16-19 Visual Essay Competition

Applications are now closed for 2014! A competition for school and FE college students aged 16 to 19 years to click, connect, and construct a Pinterest board. Check out The Courtauld Education’s Pinterest and our Click, Connect, Construct page for more information.