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Christina Young is a reader in easel painting conservation and conservation science at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.  Christina supervises structural conservation treatments for both canvas and panels, and is active in research in fatigue and fracture of paintings, non-invasive monitoring techniques, methods/materials for structural conservation, the conservation of modern and contemporary art, and the significance of scenic art.

Christina Young has a BSc in Physics from Imperial College (ICSTM) and an MSc in Applied Optics. Following industrial research in the development of optical instrumentation she returned to ICSTM in 1993 as a Research Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1994 she was awarded the Gerry Hedley Research Scholarship and gained her PhD in the “Measurement of the biaxial tensile properties of paintings on canvas" in 1996. Before joining The Courtauld she was Leverhulme Research Fellow at Tate Britain between 1997-2000. In 2010 she was a visiting Getty Scholar at the Getty Conservation Centre, Los Angeles. Since May 2013, she has been made a visiting academic at Imperial College, London.

research interests


  • Assessment and development of methods and materials used for the structural conservation treatments of canvas and panel paintings; this includes lining, tear mending and panel joining.

  • History of Scenic Art in the UK and an examination of the role of fine artists as scenic designers and scenic artists.

  • The history and design of fabric supports
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  • Interlaminar fracture detection, fatigue and adhesion processes in multilayer mixed media paintings.  Its aim is to gain understanding of the mechanical deterioration of easel paintings and the effects of environmental conditions.

  • Developing methodologies for assessing the physical properties of conservation materials e.g. Glass transition and bulk mechanical properties.

  • Non-destructive optical methods of analysing canvas and panel paintings. The equipment developed over the past 14 years, combining biaxial testing and Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry, has provided a unique capability for conservation research. This is housed in the basement of the west wing in Conservation & Technology Dept. (More information in the department's Research webpage).


Current and recent research projects


  • Painted Cloths: Scenic Art as Fine Art from the C14th-C21st. This project explores the use painted cloths as scenic art. The research focuses on change of context and significance of painted cloths from the C14th to the C21st in a theatrical context exploring their different function, materials, method of creation.

  • Interlaminar fracture detection, fatigue and adhesion processes in multilayer paint systems. This projects involves mechanical adhesion testing, computer modelling of visco elastic fracture mechanisms. This research is in collaboration with the Strength of Materials Group at Imperial College, London

  • Anslem Kiefer: The Nature of Transformation. The research identified the materials and methods used by Kiefer since the 1980’s using existing documentation from Tate, the Guggenhiem, and the White Cube archive and collection of Kiefer’s paintings. The project explored the transformation of these works and degree to which this relates to the artists’ philosphy. The first phase of the project was successfully completed in January 2012 , and the research is continuing. Further information

  • Getty Visiting Scholarship research conducted at CIA (2009/2010) and the GCI (2010). It is an experimental investigation into the relationship between thermo-mechanical methods of measuring the glass transition temperature (Tg), and the direct measurement of mechanical properties across the glass transition region using bulk mechanical testing.

  • AHRC/EPSRC Design for the C21st Century “Modelling, Design and Measurement of  Modern Textiles for Conservation. In collaboration with Warwick University. 2007-2009.

  • The Physical Properties of Modern Media in collaboration with Tate and ICSTM.

  • Characterization of the Alterations Induced by UV Laser Radiation on the Pigmented Oil layers in Nineteenth Century Paintings on Canvas in collaboration with R&D ISQ - Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, PORTUGAL.  Evaluation of the physical properties of adhesives used for the repair of wood panel paintings

  •  EPSRC funded project: “Investigations Into the Adhesive Bond and Transfer of Tension in Lined Canvas Paintings” in collaboration with Tate.


Courses taught in 2011-12


  • Conservation issues for contemporary and modern art
  • Approaches to research
  • Basic physics: colour theory/ optics/ digital imaging & processing/ graphical representations and statistics / mechanics
  • Deterioration of paintings
  • Materials for conservation
  • Practical workshops on the structural conservation of canvas and panel paintings
  • Preventive conservation theory and in-situ survey
  • Structural conservation theory- canvas and wood
  • Theory and practice of cleaning




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Conservation, Paintings, Structural, Non-invasive, Canvas, Panel, Adhesives, Modern and contemporary, Mechanics, ESPI