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Adriana Concin

PhD student

Thesis: Artistic and Cultural Exchanges between Three Courts: Florence – Vienna – Innsbruck, 1564 – 1587

Dr. Guido Rebecchini (Supervisor)
Dr. Scott Nethersole (Second Reader)

Francesco I de Medici’s marriage to Maximilian II’s sister, Johanna of Austria in 1565 serves as the starting point of my thesis, which explores the cultural and artistic relationship between the Medici court in Florence and the Habsburg courts in Vienna and Innsbruck. This union consolidated the dynastic bonds between the Habsburg and the Medici and instigated a period of intense contact between the two houses. Yet, this contact has been framed by scholarship as troubled, hostile and generally ill-disposed and as a result void of any noteworthy relationship of cultural or artistic dimension. Maintaining that political and diplomatic strives do not dictate cultural mobility, the overarching aim of my thesis is to tackle this historically long-treaded and often repeated canon. Instead it offers a more nuanced and balanced reading by illuminating the prolific and profuse cultural dealings that manifested themselves between Florence, Innsbruck and Vienna. To do so, my thesis traces major themes, taking its beginning in the exploration of art and culture as tangible arbitrators in the wake of the wedding negotiations and the four-month long wedding spectacle, headed by the staged entry of Johanna of Austria in Florence and its lavish apparatus. Furthermore, patterns of collecting and artistic rapports that manifested themselves across these three courts will be at the fore of the research with attention paid to the Florentine Grand Duchess Johanna of Austria, who was not a mere pawn, but an active agent shaping and facilitating the interactions between these culturally eloquent courts of sixteenth-century Europe.


  • UCL – BA, History of Art, 2013
  • The Courtauld Institute of Art – MA, The Arts of Florence, 2015

Research interests

Cultural Transfer and Mobility in 16th Century Europe, Francesco de’ Medici collection of antiquities, coins, portraits, Habsburg-Medici wedding of 1565, Emperor Maximilian II, Archduke Ferdinand II, Johanna of Austria

Recent conference papers

March 2017, University of Vienna: Medici-Habsburgs Wedding Negotiations 1564 – 1565

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