Evening Course: Showcasing Art History
The course ‘Showcasing Art History’, which takes place on Tuesday evenings and began in October 2006, has proved very popular. The Autumn and Spring lectures focused on features of European art history, from antiquity to the present. The Summer Lectures which began in late April cover various aspects of Global Art.

Summer School
The Summer School 2007 will run for four weeks. There are twenty-six courses on offer this year, with a broad range of themes, including Russian and Buddhist art as well as photography, contemporary art and a course on methods and materials in early Italian painting which offers the opportunity to create a replica panel painting in egg tempera.

Week 1: 16-20 July
1        In the Steps of the Sacred: Art and Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages and Renaissance DR ROBERT MANIURA
2       Arts in the Courts of France c.1340-1420  DR SUSIE NASH
3       City of Splendour: Art and Society in Constantinople  DR CECILY HENNESSY
4       Making Faces: Portraiture in Eighteenth-Century England  PROFESSOR MARK HALLETT
5       Mercy, Madness, Pestilence and Death  DR RICHARD CORK
6       Instamatic Gratification. A Short History of Post modern Photography  DR CATHERINE GRANT

Week 2: 23-27 July
7        Narrative Art in England, 1170 – 1348: Miracles, Romance, and the End of Time  DR ALIXE BOVEY
8       Early Netherlandish Art  DR SUSIE NASH
9       Chisel v. Brush:Sculpture and Painting in Renaissance Tuscany  DR PETER DENT
10     Disegno v Colorito: Drawing in the Production of Paintings in Renaissance Florence and Venice CAROLINE BROOKE
11      The Renaissance Garden  DR PAULA HENDERSON
12     Making it New: Modernism in the Early Twentieth Century  DR RICHARD CORK
**      New course Buddhist Art in India and its Discovery by the West  DR SUDESHNA GUHA

Week 3: 30 July - 3 August
13     Skin and Ink: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts  DR DEIRDRE JACKSON
14     Splendour and Devotion: Gothic and Renaissance Altarpieces  DR BETH WILLIAMSON
15     Saints and Sanctity in the Later Middle Ages  DR JANET ROBSON
16     The ‘High Renaissance’: Art and Architecture in Rome 1500-1527  DR MICHAEL DOUGLAS-SCOTT
17      Expressionism, Dada, Bauhaus and beyond DR CHRISTIAN WEIKOP
18     Brilliant!: Contemporary British Art  DR SARA COCHRAN

Week 4: 6-10 August
19     Early Italian Painting: Methods and Materials  CLARE RICHARDSON
20     In the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi: Art and Artists in the Service of the Franciscan Order in Umbria and Tuscany (1226-c.1450)  DR DONAL COOPER AND DR JANET ROBSON
21     From Bellini to Titian  DR CAROLINE CAMPBELL
22     Holbein at the Court of Henry VIII  DR RICHARD WILLIAMS
23     A Vision of a New City: Architecture in London 1660-1714  DR LUCY JESSOP
24     Scythes to Soviets: nineteenth and twentieth century art in Russia  PROFESSOR JOHN MILNER
25     From Pollock to Pop: American Art c. 1945-72  DR ANNA LOVATT AND DR JERZY KIERKUC-BIELINSKI


Study Trips
Forthcoming trips include: Florence: ‘The Early Medici Palaces, Villas and Gardens’ with Dr Paula Henderson from 17-20 May, ‘The Venice Biennale’ with Dr Julian Stallabrass from 11-13 July, ‘The Papal Court of Avignon’ with Dr Alexandra Gajewski from 16-19 August and ‘Early Medieval Rome’ with Dr Cecily Hennessy from 13-16 September 2007. Places remain available on all the trips.

For further information contact short.courses@courtauld.ac.uk or 020 7848 2678 to receive a prospectus.

Image abolve: Edouard Manet, Marguerite de Conflans en Toilette de Bal, 1870-1880
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