Short Courses at the Courtauld Institute of Art now has over 300 students each year. We host four weeks of courses and a varied series of Study Trips abroad. Spring and Summer School courses provide students with the opportunity to enjoy the challenges and pleasures of studying at the Institute. From antiquity to postmodernism, the Schools draw on the expertise of Courtauld staff, of those who trained here, and of other leading teachers in the field. Students come from a multitude of backgrounds — barristers, doctors, arts administrators, lecturers, school teachers, school leavers—and many more come simply with a thirst for history of art.

Summer School and Study Trips 2005

The Summer School runs from July 11-29. We have eighteen courses, many of which are new, such as courses on Ancient Egypt, on medieval churches and mosques, and on sixteenth-century Iran and Turkey. We are also expanding our modern art courses with ones on photography and on contemporary British art. Recent Study Trips included visits to Venice, Rome, Siena, Assisi, and Istanbul. We are looking forward to many new trips, including Paris in June, Rome in September, Istanbul in October and Cairo in November.
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Courses in Summer School 2005

Week 1: 11-15 July
1 Pharaohs, Priests and Scribes: Self-Representation in the Art of Ancient Egypt: 2500bc - 250ad professor christopher hallett
2 Church and Mosque: Architecture and Ritual peter draper
3 Art and Society in Fifteenth-Century Tuscany dr donal cooper and dr janet robson
4 Graphic Practices in Venice and The Veneto c1450 — 1800 caroline brooke
5 Art and the City: Painting, Desire and Display in Eighteenth-Century London
dr mark hallett
6 Making it New: Modernism in the Early Twentieth Century dr Richard Cork

Week 2: 18-22 July
7 Art for Sultan and Shah Dr Barry Wood
8 Gothic and Renaissance Altarpieces dr beth williamson
9 Holbein at the Court of Henry VIII. dr richard williams
10 Country life: The English Country House and its Role in Society, 1550-1800 dr lucy jessop
11 Creating an Impression: French Art at the Turn of the Century dr linda goddard
12 Brilliant!: Contemporary British Art sara cochran
Week 3: 25-29 July
13 City of Splendour: Art and Society in Constantinople dr cecily hennessy
14 Skin and Ink: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts dr deirdre jackson
15 Painting in Renaissance Venice dr michael douglas scott and polly buston
16 The Renaissance Garden dr paula henderson
17 Old Masters under the Microscope: The Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish Painting
dr lucy cutler 
18 The Pencil of Nature: Photography in Nineteenth-century Britain
Dr Alexandra Moschovi