The Courtauld Christmas Service
A very impressive performance of Christmas music, interspersed with readings by staff and students was given on December 6, 2003. Even at this distance it is worth remembering as it showed students of the Institute, both past and presence, are multi-talented. The talent-spotter extraordinaire was Jeremy Goldsmith, who recruited and conducted his large choir with great precision, and the congregation was treated to a beautiful mixture of tunes modern and traditional. The church was full of present and former students and staff and the occasion was deemed worth repeating as an annual event.
Robin Simon — Chairman, CAFS

Immediations Research Journal
Immediations, the Courtauld Institute’s new annual research journal, celebrated the launch of its first issue on Thursday 18 March in the Courtauld Gallery. The launch marked the realisation of a project that began to take shape three years ago, under the direction of its current postgraduate editorial board.
The first volume of Immediations contains six outstanding articles written by students while studying at the Institute. They reflect the diversity of approaches to art historical topics that is characteristic of the Courtauld, and introduce an emerging group of scholars in the field. The next issue of the journal, due in March 2005, will be peer reviewed by distinguished Courtauld alumni.
Immediations would like to express thanks to Robin Simon, Chairman of CAFS and Editor of the British Art Journal for his enthusiasm. Immediations, a non-profit publication, gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Nicholas Ferguson, whose help was indispensable in establishing the journal.
The Journal is being sold in the reception of the Courtauld Institute and costs £7.50. For general enquiries, please email or visit
L ouise Sorensen — PhD student

The CAFS Careers Seminar
The annual CAFS Careers Seminar was held in a packed lecture theatre on Monday, 16 January, 2004. All levels of students — from enthusiastic first year B.A.s to Ph.D. candidates — were represented. Four former students involved in different aspects of art history gave short talks. Dr. Paul Hills, then Andrew Mellon Visiting Professor at the Courtauld, spoke of his unconventional career path and of the advantages of being willing to seek new ways of channelling one’s talents. He encouraged students to take advantage of 'chance encounters’ that might lead to new directions and jobs. Art historian and dealer Dr. James Hyman of James Hyman Fine Art addressed important practical matters of job hunting: networking, a willingness to start at the bottom and, most importantly, careful preparation of any job application. He encouraged students to become pro-active while at the Courtauld, a train of thought continued by Katy Barron, Curator at the Royal Collection. While she noted that 'unpaid work was a bitter pill to swallow’, organising exhibitions and volunteering during student days, helped build her CV and enabled her to move straight into interesting museum jobs. Ossian Ward, Editor of Art Review, reminded students of the value of being one of the Courtauld 'mafia’. As an editor, he advised students to start writing while at the Courtauld and to remember the wide variety of outlets — not only academic journals, but also more commercial 'glossy’ publications. He also saw investigative journalism as an exciting new field for art historians.
In his summing up, Robin Simon, Chairman of CAFS, spoke amusingly of a 'chance encounter’ that led to his appointment as a national newspaper critic and reinforced the messages given by the speakers. The Careers Seminar is just one way of linking former and present students. It is hoped that CAFS will be able to strengthen that link, through a website where it is hoped former students will place information about internships and job openings and where current students will be able to seek advice.
Dr Paula Henderson — Hon. Secretary of CAFS

Second-hand Book Sale
For a change, the second-hand book sale, 2003, took place in the week before the opening of the Autumn term and the first week of term. The book sale will take place at the same time this year. It will open on Monday 27 September and will last for two weeks.
We are always very grateful to all those who generously donate books to the sale. We hope to have many donors again.
If you have any art history books, which you do not need, and provided they are in reasonable condition, please send them to the Institute from September 1.
We hope that this sale will benefit former students as well as present students and staff.
Would any former student who wishes to stay for a drink at the end of the first day of the sale, at 6pm, please email development@ or telephone 020 7845 4690. We hope many alumni will come along.
Jane Ferguson

Call for Publications by Former Students
Please send the Editor, Jane Ferguson, a note of your publications which have appeared during the last 12 months, (from August 2003 to the end of July 2004) for publication in the Autumn issue of the News. If it is a review or an article in a periodical, please use the enclosed Alumnotes form, ensuring that you include publisher, date of publication and issue number.
We much appreciate receiving notification of publications.

The Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund
Donors to the Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund gave a total of £9,000 last year, enabling us to award three scholarships to British students taking MA courses this year.
Stuart Hook is taking the course The City of Rome 1420-1667 with Dr Georgia Clarke, Helen Jacobs is studying contemporary British art with Dr Julian Stallabrass, and Sophie Kullman is taking Dr Paul Crossley’s MA on the Gothic Cathedral.
The three recipients last year were awarded the following for their MA’s: Samuel Bibby a pass, Charlotte Burns a merit and Freya Gunzi was awarded a distinction.
This year we are hoping to raise £9,000 again in order to offer three scholarships for the year 2004/05. Half way through the year, donations have reached £6,500. Please help us reach our target. A gift form is enclosed with details of how to give or you may contact the Development Office on 020 7845 4690 or development@
Thank you to everyone who have given so far this year to the Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund, particularly those who are and have been making a regular gift.

Notice to all visitors to the Witt Library in the interests of security
As from Wednesday April 21, 2004 and all visitors will require a Readers’ Card to gain entrance to the Witt Library. Current students and staff will be able to gain access by using their Staff/Student Library Cards. All other visitors will need to ring the bell for admittance and apply to the Witt Librarian for a Readers’ Card.
A charge of £5 will be made and cards will initially be valid until the end of October 2004.
Friends and Patrons of the Courtauld Institute will be issued with a card free of charge on production of their Friends’ Card. Thank you for your co-operation.
Barbara Thompson — Witt Librarian

Where Are These Alumni Now?

1933: Annemarie Boner (MA), Margery Kathleen Corbett (MA), Eleanor L Cunningham (MA), Violet Douglas Elliott (MA), Helen Epstein (MA), Shirley Falcke (MA), Margaret Fletcher (MA), Terence Gates (MA), Julie Pauline Hubrecht (MA), Heinrich Peter Jacobi (MA), Grace Evelyn Jeff (MA), Esther Landsberg (MA), Neil MacLaren (MA), Dorothy Burt Martin (MA), Robert Duncan Rollo (MA), Adeline Joy Rumball (Diploma), Arthur Worsp Sale (Diploma).

1934: Geoffrey Baker (Ph.D), Barbara Dunell (MA), John Alpheus Fleming (MA), Barbara Isabel Grant-Duff (MA), Marian Higgs (MA), Gertrud Landauer (MA), Majorie Ruth Hill MacKee (MA), Willem Alexander Martin (BA), Nancy Ingleby Ross (MA), Sylvia Effie Vincent (MA), Walter Muir Whitehill (M.Phil), Helga Ingeborg Zunke (MA).

1935: Arthur Wilson Bickersteth (MA), Theodore Goodman (MA), Vernon Neville Gwyer (MA), Helen Gertrude Kemp (MA), Dorothy Louise Lytle (MA), Helen Merz (MA), Spencer A Samuels (MA), Jurg Olndeer Spiller (MA), Elizabeth Martha Wilson (MA), Elizabeth Anne Winter Rose (MA).

If anyone has information about these alumni, please telephone 020 7845 4690 or email

CAFS Summer Party
The four generous sponsors of the CAFS party in 2003 have agreed to do it again. We are planning a big event in the newly-rehung Courtauld Gallery on June 16 at 6.30pm. We are delighted to welcome all former students of the Institute. It is vital that we know in advance how many people are coming. Please contact the Development Administrator by telephone on 020 7845 4690 or email
robin simon

Staff Movements
Fiona Moorhead, MA 1996, former Head of Public Affairs and Events, became Marketing & Press Manager at the Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University, in January.
Kate Ballard, former Marketing and Events Manager, has become Marketing Officer in the publicity department of the newly refurbished Barbican Art Gallery.
Kara Wescombe, Head of Schools and Family Programmes at the Learning Centre has joined the V&A in the Learning and Interpretation Department.

Courtauld Association of Former Students
invites you to a
in the Courtauld Institute Gallery
Wednesday 16th June, 2004 6.30-8.30pm
We thank the sponsors for their generosity. Any donations to CAFS would be welcome
RSVP (invitations to be sent shortly) 020 7845 4690