Sagittarius, BL, Harley MS 2506
Sagittarius, BL, Harley MS 2506 (detail)

The Research Centre for Illuminated Manuscripts (RCIMS) hosted a major international conference at the Courtauld on 3-5 July 2003. The theme was an exploration of the widely-encountered idea of 'influence’ within the field of illuminated manuscripts. Papers ranged widely from the early to the late Middle Ages, and from the Latin West to the Orthodox East. Topics included cultural exchange, relationships between manuscripts and works in other media, tensions between copy and exemplar, and the varying roles played by illuminators in the production of manuscripts.

Major papers were commissioned from fourteen scholars, mainly from the UK and USA: Paul Binski, Joyce Coleman, Donal Cooper, William Diebold, Helen Evans, George Henderson, T.A. Heslop, Suzanne Lewis, John Lowden, Scot McKendrick, Larry Nees, Lucy Sandler, Patrician Stirnemann, and Rowan Watson.

In addition there were three workshop sessions of refereed short communications on the theme, plus a number of special events for conferees.