At this time of new beginnings it seems appropriate to reflect on this newsletter. Originally combining two newsletters, a four page leaflet produced by the Friends of the Courtauld Institute (edited by Valerie Neild) and one of similar size from the Courtauld Association of Former Students, the CIA News subsequently grew to a 20 page publication by 1997.

The idea of having space to spare soon proved to be inaccurate, as articles from every corner of the Institute poured in, something which has evolved to a full and steady stream ever since. Eventually reports on every department were published, resulting in the News becoming an archive in itself. Particularly fascinating, in producing each issue, is the reinforcement, every six months, of the scope and variety of the Institute’s activities. Limits must constantly be considered to prevent the News stretching to twice the length.

Judging by reactions over the years, the inclusive content of the News is appreciated. In their articles in this issue, both Jim Cuno and Eric Fernie allude to the great diversity of activities housed in, and emanating from, the Courtauld. Diversity within the walls of Somerset House is also on the increase.

There is an increasing variety of events for both supporters and the public. The Friends of the Courtauld Events and the Educational Public Programmes in the Gallery organized by the Public Affairs department are listed in separate leaflets.

Several issues ago, we printed an article about Lord Lee’s brainchild, the Courtauld. Events, such as the incubation and birthing process of our independent status have overtaken early history and Peter Kidson has since written an excellent short history of the Institute. Perhaps a serialisation is in order.

Meanwhile the News will continue to report on the activities of the creative and productive minds housed within the Courtauld Institute.

Jane Ferguson