I am happy to report the great success of 'Double Sight’ an international conference at the Courtauld Institute on December 12 and 13 2002. Organised jointly by myself and Dr Rose-Marie San Juan of the University of British Columbia, the event was concerned with copies, likenesses and translations in the visual culture of Early Modern Europe. It was intended to enable younger scholars to address these issues in conjunction with more estab-lished figures such as Elizabeth Honig, Ann Jensen-Adams, Bronwen Wilson, Stephen Clucas and Stephen Bann. The thematic sections of the conference were 'From Imitation to Invention’, 'Between Mimesis and Knowledge’, 'Between Replication and Framing’ and 'Between Likeness and Memory’. As a conference on copies, prints were a prominent theme, as was the ideological functions of different forms of imitation.

The organisers were concerned that the conference should fully involve the audience as well as the speakers. They therefore allowed plenty of time for discussion, both formal and informal. All this, together with the very high quality of the papers, produced a most fruitful occasion.

Thanks are due to all those who worked hard and efficiently on the conference, especially the Academic Coordinator, Naomi Darlington and the Graduate Assistant, Lucy Cutler. Finally, the organisers acknowledge the most generous financial support from the University of British Columbia and the Research Committee of the Courtauld Institute.

JOANNA WOODALL — Deputy Director