The William M. B. Berger Prize for British Art History

The prize, which was established in 2002, is to be awarded annually by The British Art Journal in association with the Berger Collection Educational Trust of Denver, Colorado, USA, to an outstanding book, exhibition or exhibition catalogue, in any language, that has appeared in the previous twelve months.

Robin Simon, Editor of The British Art Journal, commenting on behalf of the judges, said: "The judges were unanimous in awarding the prize to Professor Solkin. Art on The Line was the experience of a lifetime, which changed forever the way in which we look at British art of the 18th and 19th centuries."

David Solkin writes of the award: "I am delighted with the award of the Berger Prize as a high public accolade for my work on a project, which drew upon the broad range of human, intellectual and material resources that make the Courtauld Institute a uniquely special place. The idea for Art on The Line was initially conceived by John Sunderland and his colleagues in the Witt Library, more than twenty-five years ago; the Witt and the book libraries provided the bedrock for research on the show, spearheaded by Anne Puetz and myself; the Department of Technology and Conservation, and Stephen Gritt in particular, ensured the safety of the works under unusually demanding circumstances; while the staff of the Gallery, led by John Murdoch, devoted themselves to AoTL with boundless enthusiasm and consummate skill. Not least, of course, there was the contribution of one of the Institute’s greatest treasures, the Great Room itself, which we were thrilled to restore to its full glory. In honouring my contribution, the Berger Prize also honours the Institute as a whole."