The East Wing Collection is a biennial contemporary art show organised by a small committee of Courtauld students. Founded to promote contemporary art, the exhibition fills the teaching spaces of the Institute with vibrant and varied modern art. The 8th Collection, On Time, sponsored by Somerfield PLC and Macmillan Cancer Support, features up-and-coming artists alongside well-known established names. The Collection will embrace works that explore notions of time, with innovative approaches to traditional media, fusing the old and new with a unique creativity. Artists from around the world will engage with notions of temporality, constructed, deconstructed, modified and manipulated time. This cutting-edge show will include works by over 30 artists, amongst them such well-known names as Antony Gormley, Philip Jackson, Miltos Manetas, Marilène Oliver and Mark Wallinger. Exciting new works have been specially made for the exhibition by Aisling Hedgecock, Danica Maier, Sebastian Winnett and Juliana Leite.

East Wing is a unique opportunity for Courtauld students to step directly into the real art world and achieve results which rival professional concerns. The exhibition opens to the public on 26 January 2008 and for one weekend and one evening every month. Throughout the 18-month exhibition, there will be a wide variety of talks, performances and events. Further information can be found at If you have any specific questions or feel you could be of assistance to the collection, please contact Chloé Nelkin or Anna Harnden