It’s Farewell to the Courtauld Association of Former Students and Hello to the new Courtauld Association
The Courtauld Association has been founded to mark the 75th anniversary of the first intake of students at The Courtauld in October 1932. Membership is not confined to former students, but consists of everyone who joins The Courtauld in whatever capacity.

The principle aim of the Association is mutually to foster the activities of current and former students, faculty and staff. Undergraduates and post-graduates become members for life on admission, as is customary in university colleges. Academic staff, curators, librarians, and administrative staff of all levels become members while in post, and after leaving can opt to remain members.

Membership is free and comes with many benefits, including the exclusive secure website,, for keeping in touch, networking, career opportunities, mentoring and much more.

And this is the moment to offer a heartfelt thank you to all those who served on the Courtauld Association of Former Students, especially its founding duo, the late Michael Kitson and the still extremely active Jane Ferguson whose annual book sale continues to amaze us and raise a ton of money. A special thank you to Hon Sec Paula Henderson who, like Jane, continues on the new committee and who, in the days before we had formal staff support, was always prepared to fetch extra supplies at the height of the annual reunions. A huge thank you for the very existence of the Development Office and its wonderful staff. Indeed, welcome, one and all.

Robin Simon
Chairman, Courtauld Association


Courtauld Association Network (CAN)
We are pleased to announce that along with the Courtauld Association, we have launched an accompanying website, the Courtauld Association Network (CAN). Available for use by all members of the Courtauld Association, this network serves as a gateway to many of the benefits of this community. Some of the features available through the site include:

• personal profiles, which can be made visible to other users and also allow you to keep your details up to date in the Alumni Office records
• member searches, to reconnect with former classmates
• self-selected groups particular to field of interest, location, graduation year, and more, through which CA members can be kept informed of happenings relevant to them
• a careers centre, through which members can post position openings, search for jobs by a variety of criteria, and upload and search CVs
• community blogs, through which members can propose and participate in group discussions
• updated news on developments at The Courtauld
• details on past and upcoming events
• the ability to create a permanent email alias, which will forward to an existing account.

This is a completely secure site, accessible to Courtauld Association members only, and privacy settings enable you to display as much or as little detail as you like to other members.

CAN can be accessed at To register as a student, current or former staff member, or alumnus, use your membership ID number (provided on your Courtauld Association membership card). If you have not received a card in the post, do not know your membership number, or have any further questions about the site, please contact Alumni Relations Officer Janine Catalano on 020 7848 1082 or by email at

janine catalano
alumni relations officer


The Annual Summer Party – 19 June 2007
19 June saw the annual gathering of alumni at the Summer Party, with over 200 alumni attending. Alumni caught up with old friends, met current academic staff and heard the latest Courtauld news from Director, Dr Deborah Swallow. We were particularly delighted to welcome Maud Rosenthal, right, one of our most senior graduates, and her daughter Julia Rosenthal who was wearing a striking coat, given to her mother by Sir Robert Witt.