Catherine Gordon who retired from the Witt Library in July, worked for the Institute for nearly 30 years. Cathie studied for her doctorate under Michael Kitson and submitted her thesis: British Paintings of Subjects from the English Novel: 1740-1870 in 1981. She managed the Teaching Collection from 1973 and by 1982 was acting head of the Witt Computer Index database funded by the Getty AHIP Programme. She later became Director of Projects. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s visitors regularly sought Cathie’s advice, building on her pioneering work in database criteria. In the early days of computers the Index stood out as a sophisticated relational database using authority and vocabulary files and classification systems. In the early 1990s Cathie taught a course in Art History and Computing for Birkbeck College. Always keen on new technology, she introduced us to the fax, laptop and scanner in the days when these were at the 'cutting edge’. She brought us into the digital age with the VANEyCK project and managed the making of the Courtauld Gallery and Garrison CDs. Her electric Witt Checklist of Artists, has proved invaluable to us in the Witt Library.

At a recent meeting of Artstor in Los Angeles a gentleman who was introduced to Cathie remarked: '...The Cathie Gordon? So I get to meet the legend at last…’
Cathie intends to share her time between her native New Zealand and London and we wish Cathie every happiness in her retirement.