Donors to the Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund have been particularly generous over the last year. We had set a target to raise £6,000 to provide two scholarships in the academic year 2002/03; the total raised has surpassed £9,000, therefore, there will be three scholarships awarded. We will inform donors when the students have been chosen.

Two scholarships were awarded in the year just finished to Anissia Morel and Claire Sutton. Both received merits; Claire received Distinction in her course work and Anissia achieved Distinction in her dissertation.

Thank you to everyone who gave this year to the Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund, particularly those who are and have been giving a regular gift.

With thanks to:
Kate Agius
Marion Ball
David Barclay
Juliet Bareau
Marina Blodget
Julius Böhler
Prof. Sir Alan Bowness
Hilary Brown
Sarah Cassell
Nicola Coldstream
Rosalys Coope
Gillian Darley
Willemien de Koning
Georgina Dennis
B E Dixon
Anthony Dyson
Elizabeth Edmonds
Dennis Farr
Nicky Gavron
Richard Gibson
Douglas Hall
Sabrina Harcourt-Smith
Lorna Harrington
Laurie Harwood
Karen Hearn
Prof. Deborah Howard
Rose Isepp
Marc Jordan
Muriel Julius
Prof. Michael Kauffmann
Francis Kelly
Evelyn King
David Kitson
Caroline Knight
George Knox
Philip Lankester
Marcy Leavitt Bourne
Sir Michael Levey
Walter Liedtke
Oliver Lloyd
Lucinda Lubbock
Sir Denis Mahon
Kenneth Markham
David Markwick
K G Martin-Leake
Andrew McClellan
Valerie Neild
Morton Neal
David Phillips
Leslie Powell
Margaret Richardson
Shirley Roberts
Pauline Rohatgi
Anna Somers Cocks
Prof. John Steer
Patrick Strong
Glenn Sujo
John Sunderland
John Sweetman
Prof. Hector Thomson
Penny Treadwell
Patrick Troughton
Marjorie Trusted
Prof. Richard Verdi
Nicholas Ward-Jackson
Maurice Whitbread
Adam White
Niamh Whitfield FSA
M Wilkins
G C Williams

American donors to the Michael Kitson Fund
We are delighted that former Courtauld students in the United States have contributed to the Michael Kitson Fund this year and we would like to thank the following:
Judith Colton
Macolm Cormack
Tessa Craib-Cox
Anne d’Harnoncourt
Patricia A. Douslin
Ian Kennedy
Michael R. T. Mahoney
Angela Miller
Molly Morse Limmer
Elisabeth A. Pergam
Cora Rosevear
Juergen Schulz
Prof. John Shearman
Allen P. Staley
Ann Sutherland
Harris Malcolm Warner
John H. Wilson, III.