We print below a list of books, catalogues and periodical articles by former students which appeared between August 2000 and the end of July 2001. For this list, we rely on information supplied by the authors. Please, therefore, be sure to send the Editor, Jane Ferguson, each Spring a note of your publications appearing during the twelve months ending the previous 31 July. The Editor will not be able to include articles in periodicals without the number and month as well as the year, unless specifically informed.

Note: The list does not include publications by current members of the Institute’s staV, many of whom are former students. A full list of publications by members of Courtauld staff appears in the Institute’s annual report, a copy of which may be obtained on request from the Registrar.

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- -Review of James M. Saslow, Pictures and Passions: A History of Homosexuality in the Arts (Viking, London and New York, 1999), in Tate Magazine, Summer, 2000.

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