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Schools Projects and Outreach

These projects take place over several sessions in the gallery and back at school enabling a longer term engagement with the gallery and a deeper learning experience.

Projects are only available to non-selective London secondary state schools with a high proportion of free school meals and the FE colleges that serve them.

Materials, Methods and Meaning: The Art and Science of Conservation (Key Stage 4 and 5)

Delivered as a taster day in the gallery or as outreach, maximum group size 20

This innovative new strand of the Gallery learning programme combines art, science and art history to give students insight into the fascinating world of paintings conservation. Through workshops and seminars students will discover how science can reveal hidden secrets about paintings. Participants will gain insight into conservation practice, explore the secret lives of paintings in the gallery through infra-red and x-ray images and try their hand at painting medieval style using pigments and egg tempera.

Sessions can be delivered over a full ‘taster day’ at The Courtauld Gallery or in school or college following an initial gallery visit depending on your timetable.

Art History in The Classroom (Key Stage 5)

Delivered directly in your school or college, maximum 25 pupils per session

A series of visiting seminar-lectures delivered by a postgraduate research student or Alumni of The Courtauld Institute of Art in your school or college. Art History in the Classroom introduces students to the subject of Art History in addition to developing visual literacy, research and presentation skills.  Sessions extend and enrich Art and Design and humanities curricula and are particularly beneficial in developing skills, knowledge and confidence for the critical and contextual component of the Art and Design A-level, BTEC and for the EPQ.

The project structure is flexible to meet the needs and constraints of schools and colleges but usually consists of three to four sessions; an introductory visit to The Courtauld Gallery followed by seminars in school/college.  Each session focuses on a different theme drawn from The Courtauld Gallery’s remarkable collection.  Examples of themes include but are not limited to: The Body in Art, The Science of Seeing and The Lie of the Landscape.

Art Projects and Workshops in Schools (Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5)

Delivered directly in your school or college, maximum 30 pupils per session

Extended art projects enable deep learning and engagement through the gallery’s collection and temporary exhibitions.  These bespoke projects are developed in collaboration with a school or college and involve a visit to The Courtauld Gallery followed by further research, development and practical art sessions at school, in the gallery or out and about in London.

Our artist tutors can also deliver one off outreach sessions in schools and colleges.  In these sessions an Artist works with students to produce a contemporary interpretation or response to works from the Courtauld Collection.

Outreach Study Days (Key Stage 5)

Delivered directly in your school or college, maximum 30 pupils per session

A postgraduate research student or Alumni of The Courtauld Institute of Art will come to your school or college to deliver an Art History study day. Study days give students insight into studying Art History at university and the potential career opportunities that ensue. The day comprises a range of engaging talks and workshops that develop students’ visual literacy, research, discussion and presentation skills.

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