Canvas Supports

The Invention Movement Between the UK, France and USA During the C19th in Relation to Painting Supports
Pascal Labreuche

The research focuses on the comparison of the invention movement between the UK, France and USA during the nineteenth century, especially through the study of patents, trademarks, and archives and documents related to paintings supports.

Forthcoming publications: "Scientists, artists and colourmen in the first half of 19th century: a collaboration serving the French School of Paintings", revue Alliage, 2007; La toile à peindre à Paris au 19e siècle. Inventions et mutations techniques, Paris: CTHS/INHA, coll. "L'art et l'essai", c. 300 p.


The Physical Properties of Canvas Supplied by London Colourmen
Dr Christina Young

The research concentrates on the mechanical and environmental properties of pre-primed canvas supplied by London Colourmen. The aim is to build up a database which correlates the materials and method of preparation with their physical behaviour. The data is being collected from archival primed loose lining supplied by private conservators and various Institutions. Canvas stamps and documentary evidence have been used to date the canvas. Optical microscopy and EDX is been used to identify and attempt to quantify the ground mixtures. Biaxial tensile testing under different environmental conditions is being used to measure isotropy, strength and stiffness and moisture response.


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