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There are three self-service machines in the Book Library and one each in the Witt and Conway Libraries. These machines can be used to photocopy, scan or print, either in colour or black and white. They are operated from a swipe card, either your id card if you are a member of staff or a student at The Courtauld Institute of Art, or a card purchased from the Book Library Issue Desk (£1).

You must always ask for permission to photocopy or scan Library material from any closed access collection: CABS, exhibition pamphlets, inter-library loans, special collections and archive material.


You cannot photocopy or scan MA dissertations or PhD theses without the permission of the author.  





Photocopy card for visitors - £1


Monochrome A4 — 5p
Monochrome A3 — 10p

Colour A4 - 20p
Colour A3 - 40p

N.B. Visiting readers are not permitted to remove material for copying.


Care of material

Photocopying can damage books!


The process of photocopying involves turning a book over and pressing page openings flat against the glass platen cover of the photocopier. This can cause structural damage to books and other materials, particularly the spine area which will eventually lead to the loosening of pages. Paperback books are particularly vulnerable to this sort of damage.


Photocopying is also a repetitive process which can lead to damage from handling and from the heat and light generated by conventional machines.


Restricted material

The following categories of material are restricted:


  • Any material dating from before 1850
  • All 19th century periodicals.
  • Closed Access Material (CABS) - rare books, periodicals, sales catalogues etc.
  • Anything in poor condition:
    • with loose stitching or brittle glue
    • with brittle pages
    • with a damaged spine
    • with loose pages
    • any books or periodicals with leather spines or covers (e.g., early numbers of Burlington Magazine or the Connoisseur). Leather bindings can crack easily if flattened on a photocopier.
  • Material where the actual weight of the book is sufficient to cause structural damage if pressed open and laid flat on the photocopier plate.
  • Oversize items: anything too large for the glass platen cover of the photocopier, i.e. over 18" x 13"

Copyright restrictions

You are responsible for making sure you stay within copyright law by complying with copyright regulations. A copy of these can be found next to each of the photocopiers.


Microform reader printer

The library has one microform reader printer available for use to all readers. Please consult a member of staff if you wish to make use of this facility. Current charges are 30p per sheet, payable to the librarian at the issue desk.