Caroline Villers, Conservator at The Courtauld during the 1970s

Caroline Villers was a bright Courtauld student who started her career in the 1970s and was one of several key figure in the development of the Conservation of Paintings Department.

Her activities, through teaching, writing, and the promotion of research projects constituted a significant and distinctive contribution to scholarship.

She supervised a great number of important conservation treatments and technical studies, including the Crucifixion Triptych (formerly known as the Estouville Triptych).

In her memory The Courtauld established a Research Fellowship which aims to promote and support research into Technical Art History.

The 1970s also saw the arrival of the Princes Gate Collection, bequested by Count Antoine Seilern in 1978. This collection was made up of superb examples of Old Master, 19th and 20th Century paintings, and brought many of the greatest individual works into The Courtauld’s collection. Including Michelangelo’s The Dream and Rubens’ Cain Slaying Abel.

Caroline Villers

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